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Cardboard furniture you won't distinguish from real one! RE.DA helps real estate agents, home stagers, builders and real estate investors to enhance the properties in a practical and fast way thanks to high-resolution printed cardboard furnishings!

8 reasons

why you should choose cardboard furniture

for home staging:

1. Realistic: printed at very high resolution to give your property the WOW! effect that you were looking for
Steve Jobs — 'Details matter, it's worth waiting to get it right.'

2. Modular: 5 modules to combine to create your custom furniture

3. Customizable: choose the most suitable style for each property among many textures and colors!

4. Easy to transport: cardboard is a very light material. Disassembled take up little space: you can put 2 whole kitchens in a car ;) You do not need vans for transport or freight elevators to reach the upper floors.

5. Easy to assemble: no complicated joints or screws or bolts.
No drill to use to make holes. Thanks to practical joints you can assemble and disassemble the modules with a single gesture, as many times as you want

6. Resistant: designed to withstand over time. Thanks to the use of the most robust carton on the market and to a lamination of opaque plastic that protects the print you can assemble and disassemble the same kitchen as many times as you want and use it in several buildings

7. Economic: the same effect of a real furniture with 80% discount

8. 100% Made in Italy: the project has been entirely developed and produced in Italy

Want to know more? Watch the video!

1) Order the samples set and watch live the incredible degree of realism!
With as low as 48€ you'll receive right to your door-step all the textures available printed on the same cardboard  of the moduls.
If, after receiving the samples set, you order a kitchen we'll send you a 60cm modul (value: 90€)  for free!

2) Order the most suitable composition for your use

- SILVER COMPOSITION: Linear kitchens 3 meters LONG

- GOLD COMPOSITION: Linear kitchens 3.6 meters LONG

- PLATINUM COMPOSITION: Linear kitchens 4.2 meters LONG

3) Choose the texture you prefer!
After placing your order you can tell us which texture you prefer by writing an email at info@arredorealistico.it

- light grey concrete effect with groove handle and white marble top

- dove with throat handle and dark grey top

- black with a throat handle

- white wood with dark marble top

- beige wood with steel top

- Total white

4) After choosing the size and texture of the kitchen add the refrigerators!

- 60 cm wide fridge, light steel texture
90 cm wide fridge, dark steel texture

5) Now relax!

We'll ship your order in less than 7 days
Also, your order is covered under our money-back garantee: if the product doesn't meet your expectation you have 24h to ask for a full refund
We'll take back the product at our expense and refund you the full price, no question asked.


Please note: all the prices include free shipping but no VAT.
We can mantein this prices only to companies providing us a VAT number.
Due to international law, privates will be charged 22% more for IVA/VAT .
If you are a private, please make a free offer considering full price + 22%

Order received before 10 Decembre will be shipped within Christmas
Order received after 11 Decembre wi'll be shipped as soon as possibile but, due to the high Christmans traffic, will not be delivered before 25th December

If you have any question please contatct us at info@arredorealistico.it
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